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Personal Injury

Here is a quick overview about Personal Injury Law by Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette and Blythe in California . Get answers to frequently asked questions about personal injury law and what to do if you have been in an accident causing serious injury in California .

You Could Be Compensated With The Help Of The Personal Injury Attorneys At Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette and Blythe

Suffering a personal injury in California is very upsetting and can have potentially devastating effect on your finances and your future. Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette and Blythe represents those individuals who have been injured by the negligence of other people. The dedicated Palm Desert, CA personal injury lawyers at Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette and Blythe offer skilled legal services to victims who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall, a dog attack, drunk driver accident or medical malpractice, or have suffered any other type of injury caused by negligence.

The smartest step the victim of a the negligence of another causing injury or damages is to find a personal injury attorney in CA to skillfully pursue compensation for his or her damages. These damages may include pain and suffering, costly medical bills, lost wages, any property damage, and other losses they have endured. Each state permits only a certain predetermined amount of time to file a negligence lawsuit, called that state’s the statute of limitations. If the injury victim fails to file their claim before this statute of limitations reaches its end, they will be barred from recovering any damages at all. Particular types of negligence claims provide even less time to file and require the prompt expertise of a personal injury lawyer in the Tustin, CA area.

California adheres to a pure comparative fault doctrine when courts are assessing damages in personal injury cases. This means that you could, theoretically, be 99% responsible for the accident that caused your own injuries, and you would still be entitled to seek out compensation for those injuries from the party that was one percent responsible. A California judge or jury will be asked to assign a percentage of fault to each of the parties and the victim’s damages will be reduced according to their fault in the accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Palm Springs, CA can fight for you to limit the amount of responsibility that you are to be assigned.

Wrongful death can occur when an unfortunate person dies due to injuries sustained in a negligent accident. The family members of the person who was killed are entitled to seek damages. Those damages could include any loss of expected financial support or moral guidance from the deceased family member that has been prevented. In California, wrongful death cases are required to be filed within two years depending on the circumstances. If your loved one lost their life due to another person’s negligence, hire an experienced Palm Desert personal injury attorney as soon as you can.

Whether you have been injured or have experienced the loss of a loved one in a negligent accident, you must act immediately. The attorneys at Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette and Blythe are skilled, experienced, and on your side. There is a limited amount of time for you to file a lawsuit. Call Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette and Blythe today.

Get answers to the types of personal injury cases handled by our firm, including medical malpractice cases, birth injury cases, asbestos cancers, construction accidents, automobile accidents, dog bite injuries and animal attacks. You will also find answers regarding what steps to take in order to resolve your injury case quickly and peacefully and get the settlement you deserve. For more questions relating to personal injury law in California , call (760) 852-7134 to speak with our injury lawyers.

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