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We are a team of personal injury lawyers serving injured people throughout Southern California. Our team of trial lawyers have a broad range of experience from working for insurance companies to working on construction sites, as well as working in emergency medicine, which benefits our clients in pursuing their claims. From Tustin, CA, to Palm Desert, CA, our attorneys and staff leverage our unique mix of legal education, medical knowledge and trial experience to pursue your claim from the initial phase of the claim through the trial. It is our knowledge and experience that allows us to navigate and anticipate the complexities of your case, ensuring you have the best chance of success in the courtroom.

Our extensive track record speaks for itself. We are proud to boast winning some of the largest verdicts for personal injury cases throughout Southern California over our 40 years of service to the area.

Our overarching goal is simple: we work so you can recover from your injury as quickly and carefree as possible. We remove the burden you would otherwise suffer dealing with the legal system or insurance companies – only concerned with their bottom dollar and not your well-being – and deliver the results you need to get back on track. We go to bat for you, so you know that all parties will be held fully responsible for your losses and compensate you accordingly, as you deserve.

We do not refer your case to other lawyers, ever. Our team of skilled attorneys, whether its for a wrongful death claim, a vehicle collision claim or a defective product claim, will handle your case from beginning to end and guide you along the entire way. We answer all your questions and address your concerns to bring you the peace of mind you need during such a difficult time. We do this to show we are not only dedicated to your success in the courtroom and recovery but also to delivering you the personalized care you deserve.


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WE PUT OUR EXPERTISE TO WORK FOR YOU - Attorney Personal Injury - Palm Desert, CA - Tustin, CAWe specialize in personal injury cases. Personal injury consists of several types of incidents, ranging from wrongful death to vehicle accidents.

Vehicle Accidents: Southern California has a large number of drivers on the road. With this comes the inherent risk of an accident. We can help you get the compensation you are entitled to under state law when suffering an injury caused by a vehicle accident. Insurance companies will take drastic measures to pay as little as possible. We do not let them. These do not only include auto accidents but motorcycle and bicycle accidents as well.

Dog Bites: With the beautiful year-round weather Southern California is known for, people often take their dogs for a walk outside. While this is an innocent and fun activity most of the time, it can turn out to be life-changing if you have the unfortunate experience of being attacked. If a dog has bitten you, California law may very well protect you. One of our dog bite injuries lawyers can make that determination while listening to your case. Do not suffer unnecessarily out of ignorance when the law is on your side.

Construction Accidents: These are most often caused by defective equipment or unsafe working conditions and are usually very severe. Depending on the party involved, you may be able to file a lawsuit. California law protects not only workers on a construction site but also passersby. One of our construction accident lawyers will develop a strategy specific to your case and deliver the ruling you deserve.

Wrongful Death: These are cases where another’s neglect or malpractice caused the death of one of your loved ones. These California laws are intended to protect those that were related to or financially reliant on their recently deceased loved one. We make sure you receive the full benefits and protection you are entitled to under the law despite the extremely sad time you are going through.

Premises Liability: California has strict premises liability laws that hold commercial and private property owners liable when their failure to dutifully maintain their premises in a safe and hazard free condition causing injury to guests or patrons. Whether you slipped and fell because there was no notice of a wet floor or due to insufficient lighting, you may have a strong case in court. We can guide you through it and ensure you are justly compensated.

Medical Malpractice: California has several laws specific to healthcare providers of all types and medical providers have a duty to perform services according to the standard of care. Failure of these individuals to obey them may translate to negligence that can seriously affect you or your loved one. When medical provider negligence tcaused your injuries, medical complications, or, worst case scenario, death, our office can assist you in taking action to hold the appropriate party responsible in the legal system.


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