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Drug Injuries

Southern California Drug Injury Attorneys

Drug manufacturers often release dangerous drugs to the market or fail to recall drugs from the market, even after they become aware of possible harmful or fatal side effects. If you have suffered an injury due to harmful prescription drugs, please contact us our Southern California drug injury attorneys immediately.

Bad Drugs And Pharmaceuticals

Side effects to medical drugs could potentially hurt you and major companies may be held responsible. Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe have drug injury attorneys in the Southern California area that can help you.

If You Or A Loved One Have Been Suffered Injuries Due To Prescription Drugs, Our Attorneys May Be Able To Help.

Are you a victim of Defective Drugs or Pharmaceutical Malpractice in Southern California? Get in touch with a qualified dangerous drug injury attorney right away.

Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe have more than 4 decades of experience handling injury cases. Our Defective Prescription Drug Lawyers have been serving all over Southern California, helping clients who have been affected by dangerous drugs having fatal or even long-term health effects. We help clients injured by defective or dangerous prescription medication, obtain compensation for their injuries. Call (760) 852-7134 to discuss your case.

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