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Lawyers Step Up To Help Injured Palm Desert Pedestrian Car Accident Victims

Have you suffered an injury or the death of a loved one in a pedestrian car accident in Palm Desert or nearby southern California communities? Seek personal injury compensation for your injury or loss with Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe.

Pedestrian accidents are distressingly common in California, and Palm Desert is far from the exception. In 2016, Palm Desert had over twice the national average in pedestrian fatalities. In fact, pedestrian fatalities account for 25% of all accident deaths despite being far less common because they are far more dangerous and deadly.

The personal injury law firm of Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe predates the population boom in the Palm Desert area over the last 40 years.  They have witnessed firsthand the dramatic increase in pedestrian accident injuries and deaths during this time and have (unfortunately) extensive experience fighting for the just compensation of these victims and their families.

As one of California 's oldest and most recognized personal injury law firms, Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe will help you file a personal injury claim or wrongful death suit if you, or a loved one, have been injured or died in a pedestrian accident. While no amount of monetary compensation can make up for the trauma and injuries, it is a start.

Why Are Pedestrian Accidents So Common And Deadly In Palm Desert, California?

Palm Desert has seen its population rise by over 400% since the 1980s. As families move inland, retirees escape the cities, and snowbirds fly south each winter, the region's popularity and population only continue to grow. Without limited public transportation, most residents still get by on cars, though the increasing presence of other vehicles, such as bicycles, golf carts, electric scooters and more, has done little to improve safety on our roads or sidewalks.

The inevitable accidents often cost pedestrians' lives or health as their lack of protection inherently puts them at greater risk of injury and death when struck by a vehicle. Worse still, Palm Desert’s demographics mean there is an above-average number of children, youths, and elderly citizens on the sidewalks (and in the vehicles!). All of them are more vulnerable and more likely to suffer serious injuries or deaths when hit by moving vehicles.

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What Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Do To Help After A Palm Desert Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer, Palm Desert, CA If you or a loved one have been in such an accident, then you do not need us to tell you how traumatic it can be. Even if they survive, serious injuries and long recovery periods are common. As are expensive medical bills. Luckily, those bills and other expenses are one area where a personal injury lawyer’s services can be key!

What Kinds Of Compensation Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Claim After A Pedestrian Accident?

Here at Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe, we specialize in recovering maximum compensation for you after any pedestrian accident. We know how vital that money can be when recovering from such horrific accidents and trying to rebuild your lives. Our Palm Desert personal injury lawyers will help ensure you are able to claim full compensation after a pedestrian accident injury for all harms, such as:
  • Any and all medical expenses incurred, including medication, surgery, transportation, and more
  • Any lost wages during recovery, including future lost wages due to the inability to work,
  • Other economic damages such as the inability to care for children/elders,
  • Trauma and emotional pain and suffering as well as other non-economic damages.

What Can An Attorney Do For You After A Loved One Has Been Killed As A Pedestrian In An Accident?

Pedestrian accidents are all too frequently fatal, especially those involving children or the elderly. This can leave families broken, distraught and mourning, but can also result in deep financial losses and debts from medical and funeral expenses. These damages, as well as the emotional trauma and harm caused by these losses, can also be claimed from the faulty party. And it will be our honor to fight for what shred of justice and retribution can be found for you in these difficult times through a wrongful death suit, which we are prepared to win in court if necessary.
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Should You Accept A Settlement Or Push For A Court Lawsuit After A Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer, Palm Desert, CA Whether or not you will accept a compromise in the form of a settlement or pursue the guilty party in court for the possibility of a greater or more punitive amount is up to you. We will always provide clear, accurate and helpful guidance to help you make those decisions. Generally speaking, however, if your financial need is great, a settlement offer will provide more immediate relief and may also lead to greater compensation as it keeps your costs down. On the other hand, if the opposing party is trying to evade their responsibility or if their insurance is dragging their feet, a court battle may be required to obtain the personal injury or wrongful death compensation you deserve. A fight that Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe’s team of personal injury pedestrian accident trial lawyers are ready to help you win.

Seek Justice And Compensation In Palm Desert Today

Reach out to Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe after any Palm Desert pedestrian accident. Our lawyers will see that you get the personal injury or wrongful death compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one have been hurt or killed in a Palm Desert accident as a pedestrian, do not wait to get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney. Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe have over 40 years of experience working with Palm Desert victims, courts, law enforcement and insurance companies to ensure you get full and fair compensation. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can begin building an ironclad case. While it is best to do so as soon as possible after the accident, do not hesitate. It might not be too late, even if it has been months or years. The driver may have taken away your future, but we can help you claim some of it back. Call (760) 852-7134 now to start down the path to compensation.
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